Granite Country Youth Soccer Association

We are in need of REFEREES!!

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Please contact
Ricky Fallis



GCYSA needs referees.

Anyone age 11 and older is eligible.

For more information, contact Ricky Fallis at 830-385-5731.

Visit STSR for upcoming clinics and all rules and regulations concerning Referees for GCYSA.

Referee Resources:

2012-2013 Laws of the Game

2013-2014 Laws of the Game

2012-2013 Law Changes

2010 Guide for New Referees

Advice for referees

More info is available on the referee page at

More Referee Links
Soccer Referee USA (This is a great site for all referees)
Official Sports
US Soccer
Professional Referee Organization

Please contact Ricky Fallis if you are interested in being a GCYSA Referee!


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